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Woven Heart Keychain by Matr Boomie


Remember God’s love. 

Woven Heart Keychain 

Matr Boomie  

Hang this beautiful, handmade heart keychain on your purse or bag to represent the love God has for you and the greater purposes He has for your life. This Faithbox order of woven heart keychains created employment for 10 women artisans for around 8-10 days. Most of these women have not worked in the past or lack sustainable employment opportunities. They have low self-esteem and don’t feel they have a voice in the community, which in turn, makes them vulnerable to trafficking and other forms of exploitation. Earning a sustainable wage by creating products like this keychain allows them to gain confidence and the ability to plan their future and safety. Through partnerships like Faithbox, Matr Boomie is also able to sponsor vocational training and health camps for these artisans and provide drastically improved working facilities and conditions. 

With new international markets open to them through Matr Boomie’s fair trade partnership, artisans are gaining economic stability and future generations can enjoy a more fruitful life. The Matr Boomie artisan communities crafting these products benefit from fair living wages, long term employment, and community support programs like health care, and free eye glasses.