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The Ultimate Gift Book - Jim Stovall


The impact of leaving a legacy.

The Ultimate Gift Book

Jim Stovall

This month’s title is a best-selling novel from author and motivational speaker, Jim Stovall, that you’ll be sure to love! When Jason Stevens gets word of his wealthy great uncle Red's death, he is overcome with greed in anticipating his uncle’s fortune. Everyone around Jason slowly gets their portions of the million-dollar estate, but Jason is left in the dark. His uncle has a different idea for him…And what Red gives to Jason leads to “The Ultimate Gift.”

Being blind, Jim Stovall has worked tirelessly over his life as an advocate for the blind and he has fought to make television and movies more accessible to the blind. His work led him to found, and serve as the President of, the Narrative Television Network. In 2000, Stovall was recognized as the International Humanitarian of the Year. 

The Ultimate Gift encourages each reader to consider what one has, and the potential to affect others and create a legacy when we choose to give it away.