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The Brain Change Program by Alan Weissenbacher


Boost your brain. 

The Brain Change Program: 6 Steps to Renew Your Mind and Transform Your Life 

Alan Weissenbacher

We’ve all been there: overthinking leads to a worry spiral that feels impossible to shake your brain out of. But in his new book, Dr. Alan Weissenbacher helps readers better understand how the mind works in order to make healthy habits stick and ditch stress, worry, and anxiety. Combining neuroscience with Biblical wisdom, he shares his six-step program to achieving lasting change, joy, fulfillment, and spiritual transformation on a journey of self-discovery towards becoming the person God created you to be. 

Dr. Alan Weissenbacher served as a pastor to homeless addicts for many years, providing them counseling, spiritual care, and professional training. His work with these clients inspired his research in neuroscience and spiritual formation, and he continues to explore ways of improving church practices, religious care, and addiction recovery programs by helping others better understand the brain.