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So Loved the World Wood Block Shelf Sitter


A reminder of God’s love. 

So Loved the World Wood Block 

LifeSong Milestones  

LifeSong Milestones’ wooden block shelf sitter features John 3:16—which encapsulates the core message of the Gospel and the Easter season: God loves us so much that He gave His only Son in order to save us. When each block is made, it is run through a high-tech digital printer before being individually quality checked. It’s home decor meant to last for years to come as an uplifting representation of the hope we have that God’s love can be known to all. 

CEO Benny Avina began LifeSong Milestones in 2000 with the goal to inspire homes and touch lives with each unique product produced. His mission is to help others celebrate life’s milestones with God’s Word and meaningful gifts. Benny hopes this home decor sign will encourage the spread of love, compassion, and smiles to those in need of hope. We are excited to help Christians be at the forefront of spreading God’s love through our partnership with Faithbox.