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PEACE Faithbox


Every product in this month’s Faithbox was carefully selected to help you experience peace in some way or another. We’re also helping you serve a “peacemaker” by bringing work and financial stability to artisans and communities around the world. Whether it’s by learning how to study Scripture at a deeper level, bringing financial peace to Mexican women, or employing Indian artisans through dignified work, we know this month’s Faithbox is bringing peace all around!

The Peace Faithbox includes:

  • Our custom-written, 31-day Everyday Faith Devotional
  • Step Up Your Bible Study Journal by Chasing Sacred
  • Daisy Necklace by Vi Bella Jewelry
  • Printable Seed Notepad by Matr Boomie
  • Revitalizing Eye Patches by Seoul Mamas
  • Impact Guide Booklet sharing the story and impact behind each of these products