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One Year Bible Reading Plan


Rely on God’s Word. 

One Year Bible Reading Plan 

Have you always wanted to read through the entire Bible but never known even where to begin? Now is the time! We’re starting the year with this One Year® Bible daily reading plan. Join the Faithbox community as we journey through the Old and New Testament to dig deeper into God’s Word this year. This guide only takes 15 minutes per day but will fill your hearts with a sense of awe and wonder as you soak up Scripture’s timeless wisdom. It offers a refreshing approach and a deeper understanding of the Bible. 

In this unique "through the Bible" plan, every day unfolds with the entire Bible at our fingertips with an organized, user-friendly format. Simply find the date to see the Scripture passages for that day. This plan not only makes it easier than ever to read through the Bible but will also bring God’s Word to life as you feed your soul with His grace and love.