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Olive Wood 4 Teaspoon Set in bag


Benefiting entire communities, one life at a time.

Olive Wood Teaspoons (Set of 4)

Acacia Creations

These tiny spoons are full of character and sure to liven up your kitchen or table! Each is hand-carved in rural Kenya from sustainably harvested wood and tipped with a batiked-bone accent. Every piece is as unique as the artisan who crafted it. In fact, the process for producing these teaspoons and their custom, hand-sewn pouches involved 3 different teams of artisans.

The group of artisans who made the teaspoons are actually the same artisans that made the fish bowls in our August Box. The second component is the batiked cow-bone feature in the spoons, which involved a second group of artisans. For the bone, Acacia Creations worked with Masai herdsman in Narok and Transmara. When their cows die – either naturally or from drought – Acacia Creations purchases the bone as a way to generate income for the community, despite their losses. The 3rd and final component, are the unique, hand-sewn pouches made by a group of 12 hearing-impaired women from Kenya. Each pouch is slightly different, though all are made from colorful East African kitenge fabric.

All together, over 125 male and female artisans from Kenya were employed and earned a sustainable wage through your subscription to Faithbox and our partnership with Acacia Creations! Through partnerships like these, our Faithbox community is literally making an incredible impact all around the world!

Each bag will contain a different design pattern on the fabric. It may be different from what is shown.