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Link Breaker Earrings by Sanctuaire


Jewelry with an impact. 

Link Breaker Earrings 


Sanctuaire’s trendy, 14k gold-dipped Link Breaker Earrings remind us of the links between economic vulnerability and exploitation. Wear these earrings proudly as a visual representation of how we can all have a hand in helping to end the exploitation of vulnerable women and children by being their voice and raising awareness. Every life has a purpose—and by partnering with companies like Sanctuaire, we have the opportunity to help them come back to the Lord and find their own unique purpose too. 

After years of mentoring women coming out of trafficking, violence, and addiction, Sanctuaire’s founder noticed a gap in care around reintegration and employment for the women in need. Sanctuaire was birthed out of that need and a desire to give women in transition meaningful and dignified employment, while building a community of support to help them launch into their new lives, avoid recidivism, and recover from the traumas that trafficking, violence, and addiction left in their lives. 

Now, Sanctuaire is a survivor-run business, offering a restorative environment for women in transition to grow in practical skills while rebuilding their lives and resumes. Each piece of jewelry is designed and packaged by the women they employ, and 100% of their sales go directly to providing more job opportunity and job training to survivors. This means every time you shop Sanctuaire, you have a real and meaningful impact on a woman’s life!