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Just Do by Brandon Janous


Sharing your story has the power to inspire others to discover their own purpose, gain perspective, and be present—and in his new book, Brandon Janous does just that. Through a series of heartfelt and heart-wrenching personal stories about love, loss, and family, Brandon offers a front-row seat to his life after his wife, Rachel was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. In 2018, Brandon posted a blog, Wanna Feel Loved? Get Cancer, that captured the emotions of people around the globe. After over a million views, tens of thousands of comments, and countless inbox messages, it was clear that people had fallen in love with the Janous Family and wanted to hear more of their story. This is that story. 

In JUST DO!, Brandon opens up about his own story with humor, honesty, and self-reflection to comfort those who have experienced loss and help readers appreciate every single moment—not just the big ones.  

Brandon is a widower, dad to three children, a believer, writer, speaker, and storyteller. He previously served as VP of Partnerships at Faithbox, and currently serves as Co-Founder of BeautyText.   

“...God remains the strength of my heart; He is mine forever.” – Psalm 73:26