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Incense - packs of 10


10 outdoor scented incense sticks 

Matr Boomie

10 outdoor scented incense sticks which employ 4-5 artisans for 3-4 days. These incense sticks are made in South India, where producers make a thick paste like mixture which includes wood powder, adhesive, herbs, Camphor. Then they put this mixture in a mould along with the bamboo stick. The mould process takes a day to set the mixture, then the next day, they dip the stick in perfume to get the desired scent.

With new international markets open to them through Matr Boomie’s fair trade partnership, artisans are gaining economic stability and future generations can enjoy a more fruitful life. The Matr Boomie artisan communities crafting these products benefit from fair living wages, long term employment, and community support programs like health care, free eye glasses, and vocational training programs. For this specific Faithbox order, 5 artisans will be employed for 50-60 days. 

Through partnerships like Faithbox, Matr Boomie is able to sponsor vocational training and health camps for these artisans and provide drastically improved working facilities and conditions.