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Guacamole Bowl by ViBella


Empowering change through ethical employment. 

Guacamole Bowl 

Vi Bella 

For this order, Vi Bella partnered with a group of talented Mexican artisans from Tonalá Jalisco. This project began many years ago when Alonso, the head artisan, learned the art of working with clay in his family’s workshop. Later, he was able to take over the reins of his family business. This guacamole bowl is made by Alonso and his team by mixing and kneading the clay, often by foot, then shaping (by hand, wheel, or mold), firing the clay in a large oven, then painting the intricate designs by hand and doing a second firing to seal. 

Vi Bella was started in 2011, shortly after the founder, Julie Hulstein, traveled to Haiti for the first time to help with relief efforts after a large earthquake devastated much of Port-au-Prince and the surrounding area. She saw many wonderful NGOs providing immediate assistance but saw a greater need—one for long term, steady employment. She learned that over 80% of the children in Haitian orphanages had at least one living parent who was simply financially unable to provide for the child’s basic needs. If these parents were only able to make a consistent income, they could provide for their children and pave a path out of the generational poverty that many Haitian families face. Vi Bella was born out of this deep desire to keep families together and also to provide safe and encouraging job opportunities in a Christ-centered environment. 

This order of guacamole bowls has made such an impact on Vi Bella’s partner artisans in Mexico. Through this order, 26 artisans, including three hired specifically for this project, can enjoy a decent salary for the five months it took to complete. When asked how he felt, Alonso got tears in his eyes when he said, “I am just so happy to know there are good people in this world who want to help provide good jobs.” 

Bowl comes in a variety of colors.

Pairs well with the Holy Guacamole Spice Blend by The Spice and Tea Exchange!