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FUN Faithbox


This month is all about FUN! With patriotic utensils, a decorative cutting board, a festive coaster, beautiful artwork and a family-friendly devotional, this box is the starter kit for a fun evening of food and family time with loved ones. It’s our hope that as you spend time digging deeper into this theme, you will also come to see that God created fun. It’s His desire to bless you with moments in life to have fun and experience life to the fullest right along with Him! No matter what you’re facing this month, we pray you’ll find time to open your heart to have fun, make memories with the ones you love, and feel God’s goodness upon on you! 

The Fun Faithbox includes:

  • Our custom-written, 31-day Everyday Faith Devotional on Fun
  • Faith to Table 52 Breakfast and Dinnertime Devotions for Families
  • Bamboo cutting board with a patriotic themed custom ornament by LifeSong Milestones
  • Patriotic themed charcuterie utensils by Global Crafts
  • Patriotic themed slate coaster by TMBR Creative
  • Custom 5"x7" Art Designs from Inspired Inks by Madeline
  • Impact Guide Bookmark sharing the story and impact behind each of these products