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Everyday Faith Devotional - FRIENDSHIP


31-day devotional on the topic of Friendship.

This month we’ll be focusing on Friendship and the Biblical and Spiritual importance of having good friends around you. We are all created with a need to experience community on some level. God created us to be relational beings and, thankfully, He also created a way for us to experience meaningful and authentic relationships through friendship!  

Friendship is one of God’s greatest gifts to His children, allowing us to experience joy, encouragement, and support. There are few things in life better than realizing how much you relate to a loving friend and saying, “You too? I thought I was the only one…” There is something so powerful and fulfilling about that type of connection that makes you feel truly seen and understood.  

That type of rich friendship is the type of friendship we will be looking at and learning about throughout this month. Almost all of the scriptures this month will come from one of the greatest stories of friendship in the entire Bible: the friendship between two incredible women, Ruth and Naomi! As we take a deeper look at the book of Ruth, we’ll highlight some key points for healthy friendship and identify areas where we can grow. 

We’re so thankful for each friend we have, and we’re excited to spend the month celebrating the gift of friendship and connection in our lives—including the amazing community we have right here at Faithbox with each of you!