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Flip the Script by Brittany Estes


Inner dialogue coach, Brittany Estes teaches that 85% of our thoughts are negative and 90% of them are repetitive. But if you work to flip the script on your negative thinking, you begin to reinforce and build your positive thoughts, and it’s possible to make the 90% of your thoughts positive. It’s time to stop letting harmful dialogues play through your mind. We have what it takes to flip the script and reclaim our joy! 
In her new book, Brittany shows that we are purposed for so much more, but oftentimes, it’s our negative thoughts that keep us sidelined. With Brittany’s wisdom and expertise, you can learn how to silence all the negative scripts so you can hear the One who really matters and live the exuberant, positive life meant for you. You’ll finally uncover the scripts that have broken you down, and the great news is that you are never broken beyond repair. Learn how God gently collects all your broken pieces and puts them back together as you retrain your mind to think differently about your situation, God, and your world. 

Brittany Estes, a professional and certified life coach, is not your normal mom or pastor’s wife—she is a tattooed, pink-haired, firecracker of a woman who speaks her mind and cannot be tamed. The freedom she lives in drives her mission to help everyone she meets.