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Everyday Faith Devotional - FEAR



31-day devotional on the topic of Fear.

This month we’re talking about fear. Now, you may not feel like the most fearless person in the world. Maybe you’re actully someone who tends to always choose the safer route, rather than taking risks. While we all fall at different places on the “fear” scale, we all know what it means to be afraid. 

But at the same time, there are about 365 instances in the Bible where we’re commanded to not be afraid. 365. One for each day of the year. 

This means that God knows and understands how hard it can be for us to combat fear each and every day. Fear can be paralyzing. Fear is overwhelming, heavy, and crippling. Fear is manipulative and can make us think and feel things we wouldn’t normally. If we let it, fear can be a huge roadblock that stands in between us and a flourishing relationship with God. 

So, this month, we’re diving into the ins and outs of fear to learn where it comes from, what drives out fear, and how we should respond to fear in our lives. 

The great news for us is that we have some incredible words from God about how we can overcome fear and how much He wants us to live in complete victory and freedom from fear. His plan for you is to navigate your fear through His power and strength, and with His presence right at your side. 

As we journey through this month, it’s important that we be honest with ourselves and honest with God. The only way we’ll get through this is when we’re real with what’s before us. But once we do that, nothing will stop us!