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Fairtrade Angel in Box


Dignity. Indepence. Hope.

Handmade Angel Ornament in a Box

We’ve partnered once again with Trade For Hope to provide our Faithbox Community another incredible Ornament! These tiny angels are made from banana leaf and sisal fiber by 150 women artisans in Kenya. It takes a female artisan about 1 hour to make one of these angels. In two weeks of work, a woman can earn enough income to send one of her children to school for a semester. 

When a woman is empowered and given an opportunity, it’s like she is spreading her wings, stretching into her full potential, blessing her family and community with the work of her hands. The order from Faithbox in 2019 has supported 150 women and allowed each of them to send a child to school for an entire semester.

By subscribing to Faithbox, you’re participating in a community that truly believes every person, everywhere should belong. No matter if they are in Kenya or some other part of the world. 

— “Suddenly, the angel was joined by a vast host of others—the armies of heaven—praising God...” ( ) —