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Everyday Faith Devotional - WONDER


A 31-day devotional on the topic of Wonder.

Welcome to this month’s Everyday Faith! As we dive in to this month’s theme of Wonder, we want to invite you to take a jog down memory lane and revisit your childhood for just a few moments… 

While we don’t know everything about your childhood, we would guess that you probably had quite the imagination. You probably loved to create different scenarios with your toys, act out various games with your friends, and dream of the unlimited adventures available to the adult-version of you. 

….So, what happened? When did you stop dreaming? What caused you to stop imagining? Why did you lose your wonder? 

To wonder is to be curious or amazed. It’s to marvel at or admire. It’s to live wide awake realizing that the future is wide open and there are no limits on what could be.  

As we journey forward together, we want to invite you to rediscover that childlike wonder you once had. Our hope is that this month reminds you of what could be, and that your wonder will move you toward what will be.