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Everyday Faith Devotional - PEACEFULNESS


A 31 day devotional on the theme of peacefulness. 

Has anyone else noticed how much more tense we, our society, and our world has become? It’s like everyone is living on the edge, ready to snap or explode without notice. It might just be our perspective, but it seems like we’ve become more irritable, stressed, and contentious than ever before. 

While we’re not “experts” by any stretch, our general sense is that less and less people feel peaceful or at peace with who they are and how things are. So many people are experiencing stresses of all kinds – economic, relational, or political. While countless others are facing battles with anxiety, depression, and fear. All of these are becoming more apparent and prominent, while peace seems to be fleeting. 

But we don’t just come bearing bad news. We also have good news because this month’s theme is Peacefulness! 

As Christians, we have a Savior who is called the Prince of Peace in Isaiah 9:6, and all throughout Scripture we are given the promise of peace in our lives. This is great news for all who believe! 

As we embark on this month’s journey, we’ll discover where true peace is found, what we can do to experience it in every circumstance, and how we can work for peace in our relationship with others and the world around us. 

We may not love the way things are in our world at this moment, but God promises we can experience peacefulness while also becoming peacemakers. And that excites us!