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Everyday Faith Devotional - COURAGE


A 31-day devotional on the topic of Courage.

This month, we’re talking all about courage. When you think of the word courage, you may envision a warrior on a battlefield or a soldier fighting bravely. When God called us to be courageous, it was because He knew the battles that we would face. Every day is a spiritual war that we must “take courage” to face—but we know we won’t face it alone. 

Having courage when everything crumbles around you is a war in and of itself. But we have the benefit of knowing that God will make a way for us. He prepares us for what He calls us to. Every step we take along the way is proof of His power within us that gives us strength to carry on when obstacles and trials come our way.  

And the best news of all: on the other side of our courage, there is victory! 

We can have courage knowing there is victory on the horizon because of the completed work of Jesus on the cross. Through His resurrection, Jesus defeated sin and the grave, thus paving the way for all of His followers.  

Throughout the month, we will be looking at instances in the Bible when people had courage, were called to be courageous and were given the strength to stand firm with courage because of God’s power within them. We’ll be exploring the evidence of Jesus' victory all throughout Scripture in an effort to see why He can be trusted and why we can take courage—just as He has called us to! 

Let’s move forward together with courage knowing the victory God has given us!