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Everyday Faith Devotional - COMMUNITY


A 31-day devotional on the topic of Community.

When we think about the word “Community,” we may initially think of a neighborhood park, a local community center, or just a place where people gather. Maybe you have good associations with a community you are involved in, or maybe you’ve always been an outsider to a community you wish you could be included in.  

Despite how you may feel initially about community, this month’s Everyday Faith is all about the importance of community and how—no matter where we are today—God can help us build a community that we can trust and rely on.   

God has hardwired us for us connection! We were made to know, to be known, and to cherish the bonds we create. We were made in God’s image with the need for community and to operate in relationship others.  

Yet, we’ve all faced letdowns, disappointments, and setbacks in our relationships. Just because we desire meaningful connections with family, friends, and other loved ones doesn’t mean it always turns out as so.  

Fortunately, the Scriptures teach us a lot about what community means, how it works, and how to experience meaningful connection daily.  

As we launch into this journey towards finding our own community, we’re praying God would open doors of opportunity in your life, soothe hurts and heal wounds, and cultivate the best possible connections you could hope for!  

One thing is for sure: We’re grateful to have YOU here as part of our Faithbox community!