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Everyday Faith Devotional - BLESSING


A 31-day devotional on the theme of blessings. 

Blessing is discussed and used throughout all of Scripture, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we have a proper understanding of it. Many people incorrectly assume that being blessed means everything is great, or that everything works out the way they want it to. In fact, this is what some Christians mean when they pray for God’s blessing in their lives. But this is an improper understanding of what it means to be blessed. In fact, the scriptural understanding of blessing reveals that blessing is much deeper than experiencing only good things.  

As we’ll discover over the course of this month, real blessing carries depth and substance. God’s blessing is rich with experience, growth, and fulfillment – not just for you, but for others as well. 

On this journey, we’ll look to God’s Word as our guide and source for understanding. We’ll find that blessing can be found in any circumstance, we’ll learn how to catalyze God’s blessing in our lives, and we’ll see from Jesus’ own words that blessing can be experienced even when things are seemingly going wrong. 

So join us on this journey and together let’s walk in God’s blessing for our lives!