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Everybody Always - Bob Goff


Featured in Our August 2018 Box Empowerment

In a world full of upset, angry, and bitter people, it’s rare to meet someone who seems to be as universally loved as Bob Goff. Why is he so well-loved? It’s because he’s chosen to love everyone – literally everyone – unconditionally while empowering them to step into who God created them to be.

In his follow up book to his New York Times bestseller, Love Does, Bob reveals lessons learned – often the hard way – about what it means to love without inhibition, insecurity, or restriction. From finding the exact right number of friends to discovering the upside of failure, Everybody, Always points the way to embodying love by doing the unexpected, the intimidating, the seemingly impossible. Whether he’s skydiving without shoes or befriending a Ugandan witch doctor, Bob steps into life with a no-limits embrace of others that is as infectious as it is extraordinarily ordinary. Everybody, Always reveals how you can do the same.