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Double Moon Earrings


Wear your values! 

Double Moon Earrings 

Fair Anita 

We’re excited to welcome and introduce you to one of our newest Faithbox partners, Fair Anita! Fair Anita is a social enterprise whose products and practices are guided by three core principles: Equitable, Sustainable, and Evolving. 

Fair Anita was built on a vision where women and girls can grow up feeling safe, respected, and valued no matter their geography. When Fair Anita began in 2015, few people were talking about violence against women, and they knew they wanted to be a resource for survivors. Financial insecurity is the #1 reason why women stay in abusive partnerships, so Fair Anita has partnered with super-talented women around the world, striving to build a more inclusive economy for women. 

In your Faithbox, you’ll find their Double Moon Sterling Silver earrings. The materials are sustainably sourced and are handmade by women outside of Taxco, Mexico. 

“Honor everyone.” – 1 Peter 2:17