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Bee Kind Coin Purse


The Swanson Bee Kind coin purse is designed to help us remember to always “Bee Kind” inspired by the Fruits of the Spirit in Galatians 5. The sweetness of loving others reminds us of the sweetness of honey.  

These coin purses are made in Ningbo, China and shipped from Shanghai, China, where Hutson Taylor first landed in sharing the Gospel in 1854. The western world has been instrumental over the last 40 years through commerce in helping Asians come out of subsistence level living through the resources economic prosperity has brought throughout Asia. 

Swanson Christian Products (SCP) was founded by Clifford Swanson in 1935 when he felt inspired by God to create wall hangings and gifts displaying the truths of scripture to remind people of God’s blessings and love. Since then, SCP has created gifts of eternal value. Over the years, Swanson’s has funded a small inner city church in Middle Tennessee, paid for the publishing of tens of thousands of Bibles in China, Ukraine and the USA, sent truckloads of gifts to Operation Christmas Child and provided products for 1000’s of Christian stores and denominational headquarters in an effort to make the Lord’s name known.