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Bee Eyeglasses Holder Stand - Handmade Wood


This wooden glasses holder is handcrafted with sheesham, ethically sourced Indian rosewood featuring a bee with wings spread. To secure a pair of glasses on the holder, rest the bridge of the eyeglasses on the bee's head, and the legs of the eyeglasses behind its head. This wood eyeglass holder is handcrafted by artisans in north central India. The process begins with solid blocks of wood. Artisans use traditional wood craft techniques and hand tools to skillfully carve the blocks into functional works of art, then coat them with natural wax for a smooth, polished finish. The artisan's precision and mastery of this craft, which has been passed down from generation to generation, is evident in this intricately carved piece. The bee symbolizes many virtues. Among these are focus, dedication, hard work, teamwork, fertility, prosperity, and generosity. Eyeglasses holder stands are one of our top selling gift items. They make a quirky, fun yet versatile, and functional gender neutral gift for people of various ages. This piece doubles as a wooden sunglass holder. When not in use, the eyeglass holder is an attractive rosewood bee statue on a bookshelf, desk, coffee table, countertop, or nightstand. A fair trade, hand carved wooden eyeglass holder is a unique idea for desk decor or dorm decor. Our bee glasses holder could be a great gift for students, gift for a graduate, or gift for a bee lover.