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Beaded Bookmark by Esperanzart


Beads with an impact. 

Beaded Bookmark 


This beautiful bookmark is handmade with a cord and bright beads to help you keep your place in any book or your Bible as you study God’s Word. This specific order of bookmarks for this month’s Faithbox employed 4 women. They will be able to earn $400 each, which is almost double that of the basic salary in Ecuador for the period of time they were working. Two of them will be using their pay to fund their college tuition, where they are studying education and electrical engineering. The other two Esperanazart women will be using the income to support themselves and their children.  

Esperanzart was founded by Miguel, an Ecuadorian who survived a childhood of poverty and neglect. He lived homeless on the streets as a teenager, until a local ministry intervened and gave him a second chance. From there, Miguel developed a desire to help people in similar situations. Miguel and his wife Desi, started Esperanzart as a vocational workshop for young women coming out of sex-trafficking or harmful situations.  

“Esperanza” is the Spanish word for “hope,” and their main desire is to offer hope through art. Esperanzart’s mission is to equip their participants with tools in the financial, socio-emotional, spiritual and professional areas through the production of artisan products in a safe environment that reflects the values of the Kingdom of God.