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Our Adventure Faithbox is filled with items that remind us that our personal journey with God will always be the greatest adventure of our lives. From the tales of one family’s adventures through America's National Parks to beautiful metal mountain art made in Haiti to a gorgeous wood-carved incense holder created by empowering fair trade—this month’s box gives us a glimpse into just how great and beautiful the world is, and how hope, freedom, and joy are simply just the outcomes of living life adventuring with God!

The Adventure Faithbox includes:

  • Our custom-written, 31-day Everyday Faith Devotional
  • Blue Skies by James Barnett
  • Haitian Mountain Metal Art by Vi Bella 
  • 3” round incense holder with single side etching by Matr Boomie
  • 10 outdoor scented incense sticks by Matr Boomie
  • Custom 5"x7" Art Designs from  Inspired Inks by Madeline
  • Impact Guide Booklet sharing the story and impact behind each of these products