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5 Piece Exercise Band Set


Get in motion. 

5 PC Band Set 

Movéo from Erin Oprea Basics 

Start your fitness journey with this 5-piece set of beautifully designed fabric bands that can be used to strengthen and stretch out muscles. Perfect for home workouts, travel, physical therapy, and recovery work. You’ll also find an exercise plan from personal trainer Bobby Nicholson in this month’s Faithbox with a how-to guide for using the bands to experience big results. Each band is designed for durability and adaptability to all fitness levels with 5 different levels of resistance. 

X-Light- 5-10 lbs   

Light- 10-15 lbs  

Medium- 15-20 lbs  

Heavy- 25-30 lb  

X-Heavy- 30-40 lbs 

Erin Oprea Basics is a woman-owned business founded by celebrity trainer and former marine, Erin Oprea, who is devoted to encouraging women to look and feel their best. Erin was involved in soccer and fitness at a very young age, and she always felt a tug to help others become physically fit. At 18, she received her first certification as a personal trainer. She has since earned the title of “Trainer to the Stars” and transformed countless people’s lives with insights on living healthy and well. No matter where you’re at in your fitness journey, having great gear to work with makes it easier and more effective, and Erin is dedicated to only selling products she’s tested out herself to ensure highest quality for workouts of all kinds.