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Overcoming PAIN Faithbox


This Faithbox features items and products that help heal and restore in the same way God does. This box theme is something we are all (sadly) well-acquainted with: Pain. The products included in your box are also having an impact on the lives of people in the United States, as well as all around the world. 

 Pain is a universal human experience that holds no bias or respect for who you are or where you’ve come from. Pain comes in all shapes and sizes. We experience it physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Some occurrences are more painful than others. And some experiences that seem small or insignificant tend to linger much longer than we’d like to admit.

We’ve all faced painful circumstances and experiences, and we all have to learn how to cope with and navigate the pain we’ve faced. In fact, the oldest book in the Bible is the book of Job, which is an entire book detailing the pain Job endured in his life; so it’s as if God wanted us to know from the very beginning that pain is part of everyone’s story which is why we must learn how to deal with it in a healthy way.

This  enclosed devotional walks through the origins of pain, the lies we tend to believe because of the pain we experience, how God redeems our pain by providing purpose in the pain, and, lastly, how to continue forward in trust and faith when you experience chronic pain in your life.

While we don’t know everything you are going through, our prayer for you this month is that you would see God clearer than you have, and experience His presence more closely through the daily readings and insights found in this month’s devotional.

This box is pink to show our support for Breast Cancer awareness month. Includes: 

  • Impact Guide
  • Everyday Faith Devotional 
  • Keepsake Calendar Card
  • Keepsake Note Card
  • Book of the month - Lysa Terkeurst "It's not supposed to be this way" 
  • Solid wood handheld cross
  • Rose gold ring from Starfish Project - rescuing women from slavery
  • Acrylic and gold 2 piece frame stand